Monday, September 30, 2013

Dave Matthews Band Concert

I decided to take my first couple blog post to talk about the concerts i saw this summer. In my last post I talked about the Bruno Mars concert I saw. For my next post I want to talk about the next concert I saw this summer which was the Dave Matthews Band. I saw Dave Matthews band June 26, 2013 at Jones Beach in New York. This was the third time i saw Dave. It was the first time i was seeing him at Jones Beach, in fact this is the furthest i have every traveled for a concert. Most of the concerts I go to are in the Philadelphia area. I was really looking forward to seeing Dave this time even though I wasn't a huge fan of Dave the first two times I saw him. In the past year however I have started to enjoy his music a lot more. Especially his drummer being a drummer myself, and also being that in my opinion Carter is one of the greatest drummers alive today. This was the best Dave concert i have been to. It was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. Dave changes up his set list every night which i absolutely love when bands do that. His set list this night was incredible. He played a lot of early stuff especially stuff from his album crash which is my favorite Dave album. In fact he finished the concert with one of my favorite songs off the album, Two Step. It was incredible. It lasted for over 15 minutes and included a drum solo half way through. Seeing Dave is an awesome experience. I highly recommend going to one of his shows.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer Concerts

Welcome to Ant's Music Blog. This semester I want to use this blog to write about what I know the most about music. I have been interested in music my entire life and have played music for most of it well. On this blog I plan to talk about all things music ranging from concerts I've been to, a new artist I discover,various music gear, etc. 
For my first post I want to talk about the first of three concerts I saw this summer. This summer I saw Bruno Mars, Dave Matthews Band, and John Mayer, and i actually saw John Mayer Twice. I saw Bruno Mars at the Wells Fargo Center in June. I went to the concert with my younger sister and two of my friends. I was not a huge Bruno Mars fan going into the concert , but I am now. His voice was unbelievable live in person. He was a great performer. He really handled the crowd well. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I would definitely go see him again.